Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Little Stone Bench

So I'm trying to fix up my "new" place. "New" being a relative term. It is, in fact, new to ME. It is not, however, "new" as in just built. It is OLD. Not as old as I am, but old enough to need fixing...a LOT.

I suppose that's the way of things, unless you build your own house from the ground up there are going to be things to do when you move in. 

And there are LOTS of things to do. Things that take money. Which is why the fixing up is not finished eight months after the move.

(Good grief, I don't have all the boxes unpacked yet!!!)

*puts head in hands*

But I understand that having unpacked boxes less than a year after a move is not unheard of. They still bug me, though.

Since the fixing is being done a bit at a time I don't have a lot of pictures yet. 

(I wouldn't publish pictures of the current state of my craft room even if you paid me money...a LOT of money...because it's awful. Horrendous. Cosmic chaos in an enclosed space. And sometimes I cannot even bring myself to look into the craft room. But next weekend I'm going to do some serious excavating in there...I promise. I SWEAR.)

But let's focus on the positive. I have accomplished some things. Had blinds installed in bedrooms and kitchen, and replaced the deplorable vertical blinds in the family room (the ones the former tenants' kids used as Tarzan vine swings).

I also did the porch. 

It was the easiest "room" to finish. It was basically empty, and I put stuff there. Et voila! A finished room. It was not a huge accomplishment, but it makes me feel pretty good to look at it every morning as I leave for work, and have it all cute and welcoming when I come home again.

Here is what the porch looked life before. 

And here is what it looks like NOW.

I waffled on the bench. When Kay and I were at Tai-Pan Trading (one of my favorite places!) there were some really cute metal benches. I found the pitcher and greenery, the stone birdhouse, the topiary and the candle stick there...but I couldn't make a decision on the bench. (A sure sign that I needed to WAIT.)

I'm glad I did. I went on line and looked at HUNDREDS of benches...but the one that caught my eye was this little English Garden Bench at Home Depot. It was small enough to not take over the space, and it just seemed to fit with the other things I'd it was meant to be.

(It looks heavy, but it isn't all stone...just a faux stone finish, and the legs bolt on. It was light enough to assemble it inside and carry it out.)

I added a garden bell / windchime and a standing three-tiered lantern - great buys at Hobby Lobby!

And a standing garden bell in the flower bed (also from Tai-Pan Trading).

I think I might add a bit more in the flower bed to go along with the bell...maybe a critter or snail or fairy or something...but I haven't found the "just right" thing yet. I'll keep looking!

One "room" down...lots more to go! (Patio furniture next!)