Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's a Monday-Tuesday

Here at the university I work for we have weekly Devotionals or Forums for all students, staff and faculty in the basketball arena. They are held on Tuesdays at 11:00 - no classes are scheduled, and most offices are closed - including the student union building. (This is to encourage everyone to attend.)

So...on three day weekends they have to make up for the missed classes, and every other Tuesday after a holiday weekend becomes a "Monday Tuesday" where Monday classes are held and there is no scheduled Campus Forum or Devotional.

But today's Monday-Tuesday has been a really good day.

Today I'm grateful for Time and Tenderness.

I'm grateful for time because I had a certificate of deposit mature on February 16th. (That's today, of course.) I got it in my head that I would just go in on Monday and take care of it and it would be done with. However, Saturday morning in the shower it hit me - MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY! I nearly had an aneurysm and/or coronary thinking I might have really screwed up. I need that money to pay off credit cards and put a down payment on a car loan...I was thinking I was TOAST!

So thank goodness I had time today to make things right. I am grateful for a whole day, in which to accomplish something good.

Then at lunch I went to Michael's to look for a picture frame for a baby gift. On my way in, a lady coming out with a cart full of purchases stopped me and asked me if I was going in to Michael's. When I told her I was she said, "Here, I have an extra coupon. Please take it." It was like being handed a flower! Or a whole handful of flowers!

How grateful I was for that tender-hearted lady's random act of kindness. It really made my day!

We're each given a whole day, every day, in which to accomplish something. Once gone, it's gone forever. Had I waited one more day on the CD, it would have automatically renewed for two years...and my opportunity to free myself from the bondage of credit card interest would have been gone. Had that unknown woman ignored the prompting to offer a stranger her extra coupon, no random act of kindness would have been given and received.

It just reminds me that each new day presents an opportunity, a clean slate upon which to write a record of our actions. Do we take advantage of this opportunity and accomplish something good? Kindness costs nothing to give, but the return on investment is great. The good feeling that I've carried since lunch is palpable...so I'm paying it forward.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Loved this post, loved your thoughts. I couldn't agree with you more. THanks for sharing and now, I'm going to pass it along. :)