Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going...Going...Not Gone? WTH??

So Saturday was the BIG GARAGE SALE. Yeah.

I’ve spent weeks and weeks going through bins, boxes, bags, closets, drawers. Then I spent hours punching tags out, looping string through holes in the tags, pricing things (yes, I’m compulsive, yes I’ve known this for years…’nuff said…move along…). The house was a wreck and I was stressed. We waited, and waited again, because of the weather and finally we were going to get a pretty good weekend.


Thursday night I loaded up the SUV. Friday night I hauled what I’d loaded over to Kay’s and unloaded. Tables came. Tables were set up. Tables were loaded with stuff. Then Terri and I piled into the truck with Kay’s hubby and went and picked up the furniture that wouldn’t fit in the Hyundai. Almost everything in place. Tarps were spread. Time for bed. (**pauses to enjoy rhyme**)

Saturday morning came way too early, but I was up at the crack of dawn. I zoomed down to Einstein Brothers and bought a bucket of bagels. (**pauses to enjoy alliteration**) Then over to Kay’s. Finished setting up stuff and then it was time to wait for customers.

Did I mention it was going to be a “pretty good weekend?” Well it was cloudy and cold. I ended up with a sweatshirt AND a fleece jacket on and was still shivering. (The ice-cold Diet DP probably didn’t help…but hey, I needed caffeine!)

People came, people went. You have to wonder just exactly what some people are looking for. They come walking up, stroll around the tables without a word and leave. I wanted to ask, “Please? Could you tell me what you were specifically looking for, so I can have some next time?”

There was one couple that sort of “floated” in and out. I don’t think I’ve seen so much long curly hair on anything other than a poodle…or an afghan. No…actually it was more like a Portuguese Water Dog…

The only difference was the skin-tight black leather pants. (The woman was wearing the pants...not Anyway, they both gave me the creeps. Well, they gave everyone the creeps…but provided a great topic for discussion.

We kept thinking we’d get busy…but we never really did. And then the afternoon was lengthening and we were getting very tired…so it was time to load up all the things we’d un-loaded, for pick up by someone else for someone else’s garage sale next month. (Not mine…definitely not mine!)

Final tally? Eighty-six dollars.

Of course I immediately spent sixty-six of that at Tai-Pan Trading. And if you factor in the bagels, chips and salsa, and soda I brought for everyone to munch on…not to mention the salad and panini from Zupas for lunch…I…um…well I actually lost money. But at least I got rid of some of the junk. And that’s a good thing…


By the way...Terri made one-hundred and ninety dollars. 

(**face in hands**heavy sigh**)

For now,

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry, sis! Yard sales can be SO unpredictable. We've had about half-a-dozen over the years and we've made anywhere from $25 to $525. Things you thought would go fast, sit there all day until you can't even give them away and other items you were sure even the Good Will would turn away end up sparking bidding wars between several customers. Go figure.